Welcome to Beenpod for Education!

Adapt the web to the way you want to teach.

Take your students (or your colleagues) through the same web pages, at the same time. Drop them off and let them explore sites on their own. And sync up to surf together again. Or leave “breadcrumbs” of comments across the web for them to digest at their own pace.

Beenpod for EDU is amazing!...It has brought student engagement with technology to a new high for my students.

Kathy Krebs
4th Grade Teacher
Gum Springs Elementary

Ask students to collaborate and explore in groups, live. And ask them to lead their peers through what they’ve discovered. Beenpod adapts web resources to the engaging ways in which you want to teach—simply and beautifully.


Beens become unique gatherings for learning—each Been with its own combination of people, discoveries, and comments. Create as many Beens as you need!

Classes become social networks for the exchange of ideas. Each class is wrapped in its own protective “bubble” that maximizes students’ ability to interact safely, with you and with each other.

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Surf Together

Explore the same pages, at the same time.

You can surf together live, viewing the same pages at the same time—with a single colleague or with the entire class. Lead them through a series of pages, whether they are in the same room or halfway around the world.

Pause, resume, and chat as you wish during the session and encourage engaged participation. Unlike screen sharing apps, participants’ personalized settings on their pages stay private. And teachers can choose to enable or disable students’ ability to start sessions on their own.

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Collections of the places you go and the people you go there with.

Each Been you create becomes a collection of your favorite places on the web as well as your comments on them.

Leaf through and edit your collections while you browse. You can have your Beens with you wherever you go on the web.

Send Beens filled with helpful resources to students, along with your comments. Ask students to submit their research in Beens.

Playgrounds for the live exchange of ideas.

Invite your entire class to a Been, for a project, to share discoveries and questions. Or invite just a few.

Because your Beens tell you the moment new content is added, you can use them like “intercoms.” Collaborate, share, and explore in real time!

Share thoughts on the pages that you discover.

Add a comment for any page that you add to a Been. When you or another member of that Been goes back to that page, the Been will notify you that a Comment has been left there.

Click on the Been to read a Comment

Click on the Been to view Comments for that page.

Click on the Been to add Comments for that page.

If other people in your Been are also on the same page, clicking on the Been lets you chat with them in real time!

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The Cookie Been

Engage the “Cookie Been” in your add-on’s avatar menu to record a series of pages—without having to click a Been on each page. In the portal, drag and drop them into other Beens. It’s like a scrapbook or your browser’s history.

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